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Think Mutual Bank finds GoAnywhere to be “the Obvious Choice”

Think Mutual Bank finds GoAnywhere to be “the Obvious Choice”
Decades of experience helping Asia-Pacific customers have established Generic Systems Australia as our region’s local experts in secure managed file transfer. In this case study, we share how GoAnywhere MFT , the world’s leading MFT solution, solved a US bank’s need to integrate with its external partners’ IT systems – extra fast!

Think Mutual Bank, located in the US’s sprawling midwest, was searching for a way to transfer data between disparate banking systems.
Although their core system runs on the IBMi, much of their broader business banking ecosystem runs on MS SQL.  Getting all the data into the one place - their IBMi - then copying updated files back to the MS SQL system, was a daily challenge.
Van Sy, Lead Systems Administrator at Think Mutual Bank, was tasked with finding a PCI DSS compliant solution – fast!

Finding the Right Fit – Fast!

Although Think Mutual Bank had a product that performed some of the functions they needed, Sy began a search for a product which offered greater functionality, and which could be implemented in the short timeframe he’d been given.
As Sy explained: “We own another product that has some FTP functionality, but it doesn’t have the data push that we wanted. We wanted to be able to copy just certain fields from a SQL database over to the IBM i, and GoAnywhere does that, all in one package.
"Due to our short timeline – literally, we were looking at just a month," he added. "We didn’t want or have time to do any coding ourselves, so GoAnywhere became the obvious choice.”
Also key to the project’s success was a product whose technical resource staff were readily on hand to ensure the product was up and running when Think Bank needed it.
“The support person I dealt with was very knowledgeable," Sy said. "Every time we had questions, he was there, and it really helped that he was very familiar with the product.”

Planning for the Future

A year on from the successful installation and transition to GoAnywhere MFT, Sy was planning to extend his use of the solution’s functionality.
“We’ve been running GoAnywhere for about a year now, using the database push and the FTP functionality. In the short term, we’ll probably extend it out to other systems than just our business banking side. With GoAnywhere, it’s a secure FTP client, so I’ll be moving some of the older systems over to it.”
Added Sy: “Most of the other solutions out there do one or two things, but not the whole package – that’s the reason we went with the GoAnywhere product. It really met all of our specific needs, with the database conversion, the database push and the secure FTP. So far, it’s been really solid.”
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