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  • Cyber Target Paris Prepares | GSA

    < News Cyber Target Paris Prepares 23 July 2024 As the attention of sports fans turns to Paris this week, so too are the nefarious attentions of the world’s cyber criminals. So: how will the world’s largest sporting event keep its data and systems secure…? Read on to learn more from those charged with defending the Summer Olympics’ IT systems. Miscreant Magnet Vincent Strubel, head of France’s national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI), warned that this year’s summer Olympics was facing an unprecedented level of cyber threats. Said Strubel: “There will be cyberattacks during the Games and the Paralympics... Some won’t be serious. Some will be serious, but won’t have an impact on the Games. And perhaps there will be some that are serious and liable to have an impact on the Games.” Franz Regul, head of the cyber team responsible for Paris 2024, said he expects the number of security events this year to be “multiplied by 10 compared to Tokyo”. There is a need to keep an exceptionally tight attack surface and tie up any loose ends like SSL misconfigurations, open ports, and privacy issues such as cookie consent violations. French anti-cybercrime units have classified the cyber threats in five categories: 1. Amateur Hackers As the “as-a-service” cybercrime economy develops, it’s become easier than ever for novice threat actors to launch more sophisticated attacks than their limited skillsets would otherwise have allowed. This lowered bar for entry will lead to a higher overall number of attacks. 2. Thrill-Seekers The sheer size and popularity of the Olympic Games will tempt those broadly inclined to create nuisance or show off their “cyber chops” to their peers. They’ll likely seek to exploit any security weaknesses in the websites or booking sites purposed for the event, including those of media organisations and sponsors. Common website security attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and DDoS attacks will be their primary threat vector. 3. Hacktivists Activists passionate for their cause of choice are likely to attempt to hijack the world’s largest stage. 4. Black Hat Thieves The immense cashflow around the Paris Olympics makes them a potentially lucrative target for cyber thieves. Phishing attempts – expected to arrive in the form of unsolicited emails about the Games, lodging, tickets, or information followed by “helpful links” – will abound. Those who open the emails and click on the links may find their bank accounts quickly compromised. 5. Nation-State Actors The Olympics have long been a huge world stage on which global powers send political signals to countries, governments, and the world at large. As the Associated Press recently noted, “Among the most threatening cyber-adversaries are countries who might want to embarrass and exact costs on France and the International Olympic Committee.” Defending the Games French cybersecurity authorities are cagey about the significant precautions they’re taking to thwart cyber criminals. Revealing too much would give away a tactical advantage to blog-reading Black Hats. However, here’s what we know so far… 1. Ethical Hackers The ANSSI has hired ethical hackers to test the attack vectors on all Olympic websites. According to Strubel, 500 sites, competition venues and local collectives have all been put under “friendly fire”. 2. AI Artificial Intelligence is being employed to test for multiple threats across IT systems and websites. Regul said that AI was helping differentiate “between a nuisance and a catastrophe”. 3. Physical Security Transportation, supply chains, and surveillance systems are other potential targets for those seeking to compromise the Games. All have been included in the safety perimeter of the Paris 2024 cybersecurity preparations. 4. External Expertise The 2018 Winter Olympic Games were targeted by malware dubbed “Olympic Destroyer”, which aimed to disrupt the opening ceremony. Paris cybersecurity teams have tapped the knowledge and experiences of the consultants who detected and disabled that threat. A Bug Bounty program has also sought to attract the time and skills of independent IT practitioners. 5. Education & War Gaming During the past two years, ANSSI has been “war gaming” cyber incidents with the International Olympic Committees’ IT partners, and deploying cyber defence education programs across the thousands of people responsible for operating the Paris Games’ IT systems. No News will be Good News The final word on Paris’s cyber preparations belongs to Jérémy Couture, who helms the official cybersecurity hub of the Paris Olympic games. Couture said his dream for the Olympics is that technology and cybersecurity won’t be talked about - because that will mean they were a non-issue. Sports fans around the world will be hoping his dreams become reality. Need a Local Expert? If – like the Paris Games - you’d like to tap local expertise keep cyber criminals at bay, please feel welcome to contact me, Bradley Copson ( ). I’m always happy to have an obligation-free discussion, explain how simply we can transition you from outdated software and approaches, and offer you a zero-cost Proof of Concept. At Generic Systems Australia , we’re your local experts in secure Managed File Transfer. #MFT #managedfiletransfer #securefiletransfer #sft #cybersecurity #datatransfer Previous Next

  • Home | Generic Systems Australia

    Local Experts in Secure Managed File Transfer We are independent experts in data transfer - more than just software suppliers. Our curated suite of industry-leading solutions, coupled with our unparalleled experience and expertise, have made us the Asia-Pacific region’s most trusted partners in Secure Managed File Transfer technologies. ​ Founded in 1993, we’re now proud to count among our clients some of the region’s most iconic brands, who rely on our unique skills and readily available local support to optimise their IT systems, hone their business processes and integrate their supply chains. Contact Us Secure, Reliable, Automated Data Transfers for Your Organisation It's never been easier to move data securely and reliably, inside and outside your organisation. Let us show you how a cost-effective, class-leading MFT solution will boost your team's productivity and your business's bottom line. Learn More Class-Leading Managed File Transfer Solution Centralise and secure fie transfers, streamlining manual processes and complying with data security standards. Enterprise Standard CyberSecurity Safeguard file transfers and meet all your IT security and compliance requirements leveraging the latest encryption technology and authentication methods. Move Data Automatically Replace your manual processes, legacy scripts and outdated software with highly-configurable automated workflows. On-prem, in the Cloud, and anywhere in-between, our solutions fully integrate with your existing IT systems. Local Experts Our local technical experts have decades of experience helping organisations of all sizes design and deploy better ways of managing their data transfers. Protect Your Data from Escalating Cybercrime Automatically intercept and stop cyberthieves before they infiltrate your organisation. Prevent malware and phishing attempts from entering your organisation, and protect your employees from accidentally opening digital doors - all without disrupting the seamless transfer of business critical information between your team, customers and trading partners. Learn More Proudly Supporting Our Australian & Multinational Clients Since 1993 Leverage the Power and Flexibility of GoAnywhere MFT At Generic Systems Australia we're your local experts in the world's #1 managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT. GoAnywhere's advanced technical features, flexibility, and high configurability - within an easy to use central interface - have consistently led independent analysts to declare it the world's class leading MFT. Learn More Contact Us

  • MediSecure hack Australia’s worst so far | GSA

    < News MediSecure hack Australia’s worst so far 19 July 2024 eScripts provider MediSecure has revealed that 12.9M Australians had their data stolen in a hack earlier this year, making it one of the largest cyber breaches in Australian history. MediSecure, which facilitates electronic prescriptions and dispensing, confirmed in May it was the victim of a ransomware attack, following an earlier theft of data which continued until November 2023. The company went into voluntary administration in June after the federal government ruled out a financial bailout. Sensitive Patient Data Lost In a statement released late Thursday afternoon, MediSecure gave details about the kinds of data stolen, including full names, phone numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, Medicare numbers, and Medicare card expiry dates. The 6.5 terabytes of data also included some sensitive health information, such as which medications people were prescribed, the name of the drug, dosage, the reason for their prescription, and instructions for taking the medication. Inadequate Protection MediSecure said it was unable to identify specific impacted individuals “due to the complexity of the data set" and that doing so would have come at a "substantial cost that MediSecure was not in a financial position to meet". A tiny sample of the data was published on a dark web forum following the hack, and the larger data set was listed as being for sale, for $50,000. It's not clear whether the data was sold, but it's considered likely. Vigilance Urged Cyber security experts have urged Australians to remain vigilant for signs of fraud being committed using their medical data. Said one: "If contacted by someone claiming to be a medical or other service provider, including financial service provider, seeking personal, payment or banking information, you should hang up and call back on a phone number you have sourced independently." Avoiding becoming the Next MediSecure Now in liquidation, MediSecure is an example of how not to protect the sensitive customer data entrusted to your organisation. One of your best defences against hackers is to centrally control the flow of data into and out of your organisation. Managed File Transfer (MFT) software does that for you. But MFT does more than just provide centralised control. It also offers encryption, efficiency boosts and auditing capabilities. Using enhanced security protocols, it ensures data privacy during transmission and storage. And it also provides detailed audit-ready logs which detail which data has been accessed and by who. Expert Local Advice At Generic Systems Australia , we’re the Asia-Pacific’s experts on the world’s #1 MFT, GoAnywhere . If you’d like an obligation-free discussion about how we could help you keep your organisation safe from cyber thieves, please feel welcome to get in touch . Attribution: This article was largely sourced from Australia’s ABC News service Previous Next

  • Contact Us | GSA

    We're Happy to Help Generic Systems Australia are your local experts in Secure Managed File Transfer, servicing Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We're always happy to answer your questions, or offer you an obligation-free discussion and zero-cost Proof of Concept. Address Generic Systems Australia Level 25, 100 Mount Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Phone +61-2-9959-2239 Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Phone Number (optional) Message Enquiry Type Learn More Send Thank for your message! You will receive an email shortly!


    THINK LIKE A HACKER To win the fight against cybercriminals, it helps to think like a hacker. In this guide, we explain the terminology and techniques used by cyber thieves, and share seven important strategies for protecting your valuable data. ​ To receive our Guide, please submit your email address below: Enter your email address Receive Report An email with your report will be sent shortly! RESOURCES HOME

  • Automate File Transfers to Boost Team Efficiency | GSA

    < News Automate File Transfers to Boost Team Efficiency 17 Mar 2024 Dodge the Drudgery – Automate Your File Transfers Manually sending files around your organisation, and to external trading partners, is a tedious and time-consuming aspect of many employee’s lives. However, it needn’t be. You can help your team dodge the drudgery via file transfer automation software. This software enables your team to program when files should move between internal systems, other team members, or trading partners, and is often used to manage reoccurring or high-volume file transfers. Your team is freed up to focus on other business-critical tasks. Read on to find out how… The Leading Solution GoAnywhere MFT is the world’s leading secure FTP (SFTP) file transfer automation software. It enables users to quickly automate file transfers and schedule workflows, using its built-in scheduler or your existing scheduler software. Within GoAnywhere's browser-based administrator, users can also automate their workflows by executing projects with a single click. GoAnywhere MFT can execute multiple workflows concurrently, through its job management system. Administrators can define multiple job queues, grouping workflows that share common characteristics or service level agreements. Each job queue can define the priority of their jobs as well as the maximum number of concurrent jobs that can be executed from the queue. All these job queues can be managed and prioritised through GoAnywhere's Administrator interface. Built-In Schedulers With the built-in scheduler you can execute Projects (workflows) at future dates and times. Projects can run just once, or with any recurring frequency you choose. You can also define custom calendars with specific holidays or dates that are important to your organisation, or to avoid scheduling a job on a specific day. Schedules can be further personalised by specifying them to run under specific users, or with start dates, frequencies and other over-riding variables. You can also indicate the email addresses to be alerted when a Project has completed, or encounters any problem. Unlimited File Sizes Large files are no problem for GoAnywhere MFT, or its email add-on GoAnywhere Secure Mail. It enables you to send large files as secure packages on an ad hoc basis, as well as send multiple large files. Even large files transfers won’t choke... GoAnywhere provides auto-resume and integrity checks to keep big files moving, even when it encounters network connectivity challenges. Robust Audit Logs and Reporting Staying compliant with various industry regulations or privacy laws is easier with GoAnywhere MFT. You can generate comprehensive audit logs of all file transfer and administrator activity, including workflow and file server auditing and administrator logging. This data is captured for activity in GoAnywhere servers for AS2, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and SFTP, and it includes details on log in attempts, file uploads and downloads, errors, and other events. Reports can be quickly generated, viewed, filtered, sorted and exported as needed. Executing Projects Workflows can also be automated, executing whenever a file monitor detects new, modified, or deleted files in targeted folders. Workflows can be called from local and remote command lines, scripts, and programs using the provided commands and APIs. Workflows can additionally be called as Web Services using SOAP or REST requests. To execute Workflows based on user activity, triggers can monitor for events like when a file is uploaded or downloaded. Workflows can be executed in Debug mode, which enables users to interactively execute tasks one step at a time. At each stopping point, the values for the variables can be viewed or changed before the next task is executed. If you’d like to discuss how your organisation’s file transfers can be automated, adding to your productivity and bottom line, please feel free to contact our Business Manager, Bradley Copson, (mail to: ). He’ll be more than happy to offer you an obligation-free discussion, no-cost trial, or Proof of Concept. Generic Systems Australia Your Local Experts in Secure Managed File Transfer Previous Next


    ​ Info-Tech Report MFT Quadrant Report (2022) Independent analysts Info-Tech compared MFT solutions and vendors in 2022, and found that GoAnywhere MFT was the unsurpassed leader in the field. ​ To receive a Complimentary Copy of their Report, please submit your email address below: Enter your email address Receive Report An email with the report will be sent to you shortly! RESOURCES HOME

  • Global Insurer Uses GoAnywhere to Replace Legacy File Transfers | GSA

    < Case Studies Global Insurer Uses GoAnywhere to Replace Legacy File Transfers Instead of copying and piecing together scripts for file transfers - a process which took 30-60 minutes per script – this global insurance company now uses GoAnywhere to automate and make secure its file transfer task in less than five minutes. Discovering the many other ways they could leverage GoAnywhere’s advanced features was a bonus. Decades of experience helping Asia-Pacific customers have established Generic Systems Australia as our region’s local experts in secure managed file transfer. In this case study, we share how a global insurance company is saving time and money – and avoiding headaches – by using GoAnywhere MFT , the world’s leading MFT solution . For one global insurance company, having file transfer processes that work seamlessly is non-negotiable. Between needing to share data with the company’s national office, running a collaboration with a car rental company, and catering to more than a million customers, they need their file transfers to run smoothly and securely. However, the legacy systems and processes they had in place prior to 2018 were frustrating, to say the least. One of the company’s applications engineers couldn’t believe the file transfer processes they had to deal with before switching to managed file transfer software. "We had a server where a bunch of batch scripts ran and transferred files to vendors," he said. "We wrote manual scripts — 50 or 60 of them — that all ran from Task Scheduler." Because their setup lacked security and encryption features, critical information wasn’t always protected during batch transfers. Their setup didn’t have alerting or reporting abilities either. It quickly became clear that better cybersecurity strategies were needed to protect their file transfers. Convoluted Clustering The engineer’s team also wanted to cluster their systems, so the bank files they exchanged wouldn’t be interrupted by system failure or downtime. But making Task Scheduler cluster aware required knowledge of PowerShell. "It was this huge, long convoluted process," he said. "And with security in mind, we had to implement a DMZ secure gateway server to go along with a new file transfer server. Jobs would have to be scheduled on two different sets of task schedulers." The design files they created to make clustering work were crazy. There had to be an easier way. Back to Basics For this insurance company, it was time to unravel their processes and systems and go back to the basics that mattered: encryption, automation, alerting, and reporting. If they could find a solution that did all these things simply and efficiently… that would be a win. And win they did. After evaluating several managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, the engineer tried GoAnywhere MFT, the class-leading cybersecurity solution. More than Transfers The engineer and his team discovered many additional benefits during their trial of GoAnywhere: Ease of Use: GoAnywhere was powerful but not overly technical. The software was a breeze to install and easy to use. Focused on What Matters: The team was pleased to see GoAnywhere support extra functionality, like user-to-user collaboration, but even more pleased to find that GoAnywhere never lost sight of their bread-and-butter requirements: automation, auditing, and secure file transfers. Out-of-the-Box Project Designers: GoAnywhere included a drag-and-drop project designer for workflows and automation. This eliminated the need for scripting and programming. Affordability: Finally, the cost beat out the competition. GoAnywhere offered the insurance company a positive ROI that they could achieve quickly and efficiently with less of a learning curve—while still boasting all the features and functionality of other comparable solutions. A Fresh Start with MFT Once GoAnywhere was fully implemented, the global insurance company couldn’t imagine life without it. Now they meet requirements and complete key projects via several of GoAnywhere’s features: PCI DSS Compliance: The insurance company is PCI DSS certified. To ensure their member information is protected as much as possible, they are required to go above and beyond PCI DSS requirements to ensure their file transfers are compliant. GoAnywhere MFT supports PCI DSS compliance efforts through encryption, secure, industry-standard file transfer protocols, access controls for sensitive data, and detailed logging/reporting. Google Integration: After implementing GoAnywhere, the insurance company installed GoAnywhere’s Google Cloud Storage Connector. This cloud integration allows them to pull data from the cloud from two vendors they’ve partnered with. Each month, GoAnywhere transfers a file generated in-house to a Google storage bucket. Once the files are in the bucket, two of their vendors apply logic to the data for marketing purposes. The file finishes processing using the Google compute engine before GoAnywhere pulls the file back into the company’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW) system. AWS Integration: GoAnywhere’s Amazon AWS integration fulfills an important project in their environment. "We’ve used [the Amazon AWS integration] since day one," explained the company’s engineer. "It was one of the selling features for us." Improved Visibility & Centralisation Before GoAnywhere came into the picture, the engineer and a co-worker relied on Task Scheduler and batch file transfers to send and retrieve sensitive data. Their legacy setup did not have alerting, notifications, or reporting functionality. They’d need to spend precious time tracking down issues or digging into different data sources to regain some visibility. This lack of clarity was a source of frustration. A big selling point for this insurance company was GoAnywhere’s ability to provide visibility into all areas of their file transfer processes, including the data movement happening on-premises, within their cloud environment, and to their web applications. Not only does this visibility help the engineer’s team know when and where files are sent, it gives them flexibility to train new employees if needed. "Say I need more help and we’re hiring someone else," he explained. "I can say [to that new hire,] ‘Everything’s in GoAnywhere. All our jobs, anything that’s incoming, all the users. You can see who has access, you can see the agents we have deployed and what they’re doing.’ Having that [data] in a central place is just so much easier than what we’ve used in the past." Remote MFT Agents GoAnywhere’s MFT Agents module allows admins to remotely control automated file transfers and file processing from a central GoAnywhere server. With MFT agents in place, this insurance company has improved its overall security posture. They can move sensitive files between restricted servers without having to rely on insecure methods or window transfers. All of these transfers are automated, secured, and can be audited. Set for Success Instead of copying and piecing together scripts to send new file transfers (a process that took 30-60 minutes per script before), GoAnywhere can create a job in under five minutes. The team has utilised several areas of the software in a short amount of time and have exciting use cases in mind for the future. Of his favourite thing about GoAnywhere, the engineer said: "I love that I’m not on a batch file trying to deduce what’s going on. I can just visualise something [the workflow] and say ‘oh, this is what it needs.’ I can just set up a job and my coworker knows about it because now we get an email notification if it fails... Compared to what we had before, [our file transfer process] is where we need it to be." Previous Next

  • Top 10 Tips for Advanced MFT Workflows | GSA

    < News Top 10 Tips for Advanced MFT Workflows 7 Feb 2024 Improve Business Processes with GoAnywhere’s Advanced Workflows One of the most advanced features of GoAnywhere MFT is also one of its most popular – Advanced Workflows. Workflows (also called “Projects”) expand and unlock superior automation for your file transfers. They enable you to enhance encryption, strengthen security capabilities, and run tasks seamlessly without human intervention. Those already using Advanced Workflows know how much time and effort this feature can save. It takes the drudgery out of moving data between applications, between employees, and within their supply chain ecosystem. Whether you’re in search of new tips and tricks, or just getting started with Advanced Workflows, this article will help you tap the potential of GoAnywhere MFT. 1. Create Projects with No Programming Skills You don’t need to be a technical genius or have any programming skills to create Advanced Workflows. GoAnywhere’s Project designer window couldn’t be any easier to use. It’s drag-and-drop interface puts over 100 unique tasks – copying, translating, moving, backing up, alerting, reporting, etc - at your fingertips. No clunky scripting is needed. 2. Configure Advanced Worksflows Resources Resources are an essential function and act as GoAnywhere’s “arms” or “client”. Configuring resources to network locations, email servers, and file transfer servers saves you time as you create your Advanced Workflows. Do it once, and you can use those resources in all your Projects. There are more than 20 different resource types for GoAnywhere to connect to, such as Amazon S3 Buckets, Azure Blob Storage, and SSH servers (SFTP, SCP, SSH). These pre-defined connections for internal servers, as well as external trading partners and locations, make it simple to build Projects which manipulate and move files. 3. Translate Data into Different Formats Advanced Workflows comes with 15 tasks for data translation. They enable you to read and write files in multiple different formats, and seamlessly translate between them. They include: Read/write CSV, Excel, Fixed-Width-XML, JSON Read flat file SQL query output to various formats Modify RowSet 4. Automate File Encryption/Decryption With cybercriminals increasingly targeting company data, most businesses believe it’s critical to encrypt data when its being transferred. GoAnywhere makes this as simple as it is important. With Advanced Workflows you can completely automate the process of encryption and decryption, for everything from documents to digital signatures and verifications. All of it is done with the robust Open PGP standard. 5. Create and Use Conditional Statements Conditional statements offer excellent control of Workflows within your Projects. Using common “if/else” logic and loops, they can parse through variables or lists of files. By chaining Advanced Workflows tasks together, they perform their tasks when the Workflow runs and prior conditions are “true.” 6. Reference Projects as a Common Function Projects you create can be called or referenced by multiple Projects. This enables commonly performed tasks to be utilised in multiple Projects in the manner of a common function or utility. 7. Run Workflows in Debug Mode Running Workflows in Debug Mode enables easy testing and troubleshooting of individual Projects. Users can interactively execute tasks one step at a time, and enable the job log and variable values to be monitored during each step. At each break in time, the values of the variables can be altered before the next task is executed. 8. Schedule and Automate GoAnywhere Reports Advanced Workflows can be used to schedule and automate reports. Reports can be generated and delivered, and email and text notifications sent. GoAnywhere’s built-in scheduler can be used to execute Workflows at future dates and times. Projects can be scheduled to run on a one-off basis, or with a recurring frequency. 9. Control Data Security with Triggers Triggers enable you to control the security of your data. They can automate Projects, send notifications based on user actions in GoAnywhere, and much more. Triggers can be defined to monitor for certain events such as an account being disabled, a download failing, or a successful login. A triggered event can initiate a response such as receiving an email when a file is uploaded by a trading partner or automatically removing a partial file from a folder if the file upload is unsuccessful. 10. Monitor Files for Determined Events Advanced Workflows can do file-based monitoring for certain events. These events include: Created Modified Deleted, and Exists. If you’d like to explore how your organisation can improve its efficiency through GoAnywhere ’s Advanced Workflows, feel free to contact our Business Manager, Bradley Copson (mail to: ). He’s always happy to have an obligation-free discussion, explain how simply we can transition you from outdated software and approaches, and offer you a zero-cost Proof of Concept. Generic Systems Australia Your Local Experts in Secure Managed File Transfer Previous Next

  • Rate Rise Should Spur Rethink | GSA

    < News Rate Rise Should Spur Rethink 13 Nov 2023 Following the Reserve Bank’s decision to further hike interest rates, it’s timely for business leaders to explore how they can minimise any negative impacts on their companies. Rowan Tracey, Partner at HLB Mann Judd , Australian businesses would need to “find efficiencies and cut operating costs”. “The Reserve Bank’s decision … will impact business margins, particularly small to medium businesses with high debt and low capital. The natural reflex for businesses is to raise prices to even out the balance sheet, which would be fine in a more buoyant economy. (But) rising fuel prices and cost of living already has many scrambling to find ways of cutting costs, including their current expenditure.” Rowan offers these alternative suggestions to businesses wanting to maintain margins without imposing price hikes: 1. Improve Productivity & Efficiency: Review processes and output and look at ways to improve or streamline your operations, such as automation of processes including business software. 2. Strategically Cut Costs: Review your current service providers and contracts and compare to the current market. 3. Revisit Your Banking & Financial Products: Look beyond the short-term and make sure the interest rate on your business loans is competitive. 4. Develop a Pricing Strategy : Look at ways to leverage or bundle existing goods and services. 5. Reconsider Your Supply Chain : Consider reducing risks by finding a domestic supplier to slash the costs of freight and storage. 6. Review Workforce Arrangements: Consider offering flexible work arrangements, nine-day fortnights, and training and development opportunities - particularly those subsidised by government. One way to address Item #1 (“Improve Productivity and Efficiency”) is to reconsider how your business transfers data. Moving data – between employees, with customers, and with your supply chain partners – is now a “core process” for every modern business. That makes it a target for improving efficiency and productivity. A Managed File Transfer solution, such as GoAnywhere MFT, is more cost-effective and efficient than having your staff waste time on old-fashioned and risky manual approaches. In fact, a study by Aberdeen Group found that businesses which invested a little in a professional Managed File Transfer solution had a median return of almost 500 times their investment! Generic Systems Australia are your local experts in file transfer technologies. Contact me if you’d like an obligation-free discussion , no cost trial, or Proof of Concept showing how GoAnywhere could boost your business’s productivity. Previous Next

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