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5 Signs You Need a Managed File Transfer Solution

14 Nov 2023

5 Signs You Need a Managed File Transfer Solution

Does your organisation rely on transferring sensitive data between employees, customers and trading partners?

Most do.  And that means just one wrong move by an employee – for example, failing to encrypt a sensitive file – could land you with a huge fine, and lose you customers.

So it’s worth spending a moment considering how your team is performing the regular, essential task of moving data around. And, to ask the key question:

“Is it time I installed a better, safer and more efficient way to transfer data?”

Here are some of the key signs that your business is ready for a Managed File Transfer solution.

Sign 1: Still Using Outdated Ways to Send Data

A surprising number of organisations still rely on outdated protocols and clunky scripts to move precious data around. However, as I explained in a recent article, these legacy methods increase the risk of human error, take time away from more critical tasks, and are difficult to maintain.

A Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution like GoAnywhere MFT is easy to use, easy to audit, requires little maintenance, and removes manual tasks from your stretched IT team’s To Do list.

Sign 2: Targeted by Cybercriminals

Ask your IT team how much growth they’re seeing in attempted cybercrime incursions.

Frightening, isn’t it!?

With hackers escalating their efforts to extort your business and customers, it’s more essential than ever to secure your data and maintain a ‘circle of trust’ with your supply chain partners.

A leading MFT, such as GoAnywhere MFT, employs the latest encryption algorithms to reduce the risk of data breaches during transit. Features like Access Controls, and Multi-factor Authentication, safeguard sensitive information from unauthorised access.

Sign 3: Need to Comply with Government & Industry Regulations

In response to escalating cybercrime, governments and industry regulators are imposing ever greater requirements on business to ensure they protect consumers’ personal data.

From health data (hospital records, test results), to banking data (debit and credit card numbers, bank account details), to identity data (home address, government id), businesses that fail to take responsible measures to protect sensitive data face growing sanctions.  Even worse, a breach may not only cost your organisation time and money to remediate, it may ruin your reputation.

A leading MFT, such as GoAnywhere MFT, helps ensure your file transfers comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR. Features like auditing, reporting, role-based access, secure protocols, centralised security controls, encryption, and key management protect employee and consumer data from harmful security mishaps.

Sign 4: Need to Exchange Data in the Cloud

Many organisations are moving business processes to the cloud, and now need to exchange files with trading partners in the cloud.

But how can transfers to and from the cloud, over public telecommunications networks, be protected?

From streamlining and automating cloud file transfers to platforms like Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, to integrating with popular web and cloud services like SharePoint and Google Drive, working with a partner in the cloud using an MFT is a smooth, reliable and safe process.

Sign 5: Need to Adapt to Changing Network Conditions

Research by Rand Group found that a single hour of system downtime can cost a medium-sized business a six figure sum. 

As organisations and trading partners become increasingly integrated, it’s critical that file transfers are performed without delay or disruption. Whereas a document containing a batch of important transactions may once have been delivered over several hours, today’s fast pace of business requires it to take mere seconds.

An enterprise-calibre file transfer solution should have a high availability plan in place. The right solution will provide active-passive and active-active (i.e. clustering) methods for organisations who need to keep their processes running no matter the situation at hand.

Clustering provides the best high availability by running multiple servers simultaneously. Therefore, if one goes down, file transfers and workflows will continue to run on other servers so communication with your trading partners won’t be interrupted.

Seen the Signs…?

If you’ve observed any of the above warning signs in your business, it may be time to consider upgrading to a secure MFT such as GoAnywhere.

The acknowledged leading Managed File Transfer offering, GoAnywhere is an all-in-one solution, automating and encrypting file transfers from a centralised dashboard. It not only simplifies the completion of critical business initiatives, but also reduces the time spent on manual file transfers and in-house processes.

GoAnywhere saves businesses time, money, and reputation.


If you’d like to learn more about how GoAnywhere MFT could add to your organisation’s bottom line, please feel free to contact me (, or read more at the Generic Systems Australia website. I’d be happy to offer you an obligation-free discussion, no cost trial, or Proof of Concept.

Bradley Copson, Business Manager,

Generic Systems Australia

“Local Experts in Secure Managed File Transfer”

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