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"Flip the Scripts" ... and Transfer Files Efficiently

20 Oct 2023

Replace Risky File Transfer Scripts with GoAnywhere MFT

Once upon a time, writing scripts to partially-automate the transferring of files was “good enough”.

However, technology has moved on.  With cybersecurity threats multiplying and businesses focused on improving productivity, script-based file transfers just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Why Replace File Transfer Scripts?

Scripts aren’t secure. For example, user credentials aren’t encrypted, putting your entire system at risk.

Scripts lack advanced features. For example, automating file transfers with FTP requires adding a second solution, a time-consuming and complex prospect.  It’s also difficult to build in re-try features, and lock down how users interact with sensitive data.

Scripts don’t play well with new tech. For example, modern cloud-based computing environments require file transfers to be integrated with cloud-based solutions, and platforms such as Azure and AWS.

Scripts can be time consuming. Developing, maintaining, and troubleshooting scripts takes time, distracting valuable support staff from more important things.  Worse, if they’re not available when a script fails, it bottlenecks your workflow.

Scripts don’t have logging built in.   All logging needs to be built into your scripts.  Accessing those logs can be time consuming and difficult, requiring an effective filter and search tools.

The Benefits of Replacing Homegrown Scripts

As well as increasing the security of your file transfers, moving away from scripts provides your organisation with many other advantages:

Centralise workflow. Instead of using multiple different tools, programs, and scripts to encrypt, send, and automate your file transfers, GoAnywhere MFT enables all of these from a single interface. That significantly streamlines day-to-day operations and reduces wasted tool maintenance time.

Automate. No matter the volume of files to be transferred across your business and supply chain, GoAnywhere enables your team to spend time focusing on other things.

Comply with regulations. By logging file transfers and access across your organisation, GoAnywhere MFT proves your compliance with legal requirements, such as data privacy and encryption.  Those logs are also very handy if you’re conducting an audit, or forensics on an internal security breach.

The Far Better Alternative

GoAnywhere is the industry’s leading Managed File Transfer solution.  It ensures data is transferred securely - both internally and externally – and accelerates your team’s productivity. 

If you’d like to learn more about how GoAnywhere MFT could add to your organisation’s bottom line, please feel free to contact me (, or read more at the Generic Systems Australia website.

Bradley Copson,

Business Manager,

Generic Systems Australia

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