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A New Year's Resolution?

17 Mar 2024

Having enjoyed some personal downtime over the festive season, business leaders often see January as a good month for planning operational priorities for the year ahead.

If this is you, consider whether 2024 is the year to 'get your house in order' in the core area of Managed and Secure File Transfer. 

A surprising number of businesses still rely on risky, outdated, ad-hoc data transfer practices, from email attachments to legacy scripts.  
Not only are they 'sitting ducks' for cyber-crime, but they're also wasting valuable time and money. 

They could also be dependent on the people that have written complex Scripts who decide to up and leave. It happens all the time….

If you'd like to discuss how a Managed File Transfer solution can inexpensively improve your cyber-security and business bottom line, please feel welcome to contact me for an obligation-free discussion and demo.
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