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Accidental Accomplices…?

21 May 2024

Are your employees your organisation’s biggest cybersecurity threat…?

A recent experiment has found that many employees are still prone to leaving sensitive information vulnerable to cyberattacks - even when dealing with emails from an unknown sender.

Testing the responses of employees around the world, Fortra found that 10.4% clicked a bogus message’s phishing link - up 3.4% over a similar test in the previous year.

Global Worst Practice

Alarmingly, the problem is worse in our region than anywhere else in the world, with 14.9% of Asia-Pacific employees succumbing to the phishing attempt.

Also shocking was the number of bogus link clickers who then disclosed their passwords. 6 out of every 10 end users who clicked on the phishing email links failed to recognise the phishing website and exposed their organisation to cybertheft by sharing their password.

The results of the experiment demonstrate the serious ongoing threat to local organisations posed by employees who are either uneducated on cybersecurity threats, or unmotivated to mitigate those risks.

Protecting Your Organisation from Accidental Accomplices

Clearly, ongoing employee education must be part of your defensive posture. But there are also key technical safeguards you can put in place to prevent your employees from becoming accidental accomplices to cybercriminals.

Our SFT Threat Protection Bundle enables your organisation’s email system to automatically detect and prevent phishing links and other malware from entering your organisation. Combining the layered strengths of GoAnywhere MFT and Clearswift, it enables your team to receive and share information securely, without impairing their productivity.

How It Works

The SFT Threat Protection Bundle seamlessly integrates managed file transfer with advanced threat protection and adaptive data loss prevention to keep your sensitive data secure. It not only prevents malware from entering your organisation, it also prevents employees from losing or mishandling data.

For example, if an employee knowingly (or unknowingly) attempts to share any files containing malware, those files are sanitised by having the malicious elements automatically removed.

The SFT Threat Protection Bundle can also automatically detect and –– if you configure it to do so –– prevent employees from sharing sensitive information.

For Example

Let’s say a folder contains Word or PDF documents or Jpeg image files which contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If an employee starts to load any of these files into the Secure File Transfer web client, the Clearswift secure ICAP gateway will automatically inspect and block the file.

If you prefer, the gateway can automatically redact (i.e. mask out) sensitive PII information from documents and image files, while still enabling the remainder of the file to be shared.

Free Demo

If you’d like to see first-hand how the SFT Threat Protection Bundle can help keep your organisation’s data safe, get in touch with me, Bradley Copson, and my technical team at Generic Systems Australia. We’re your local experts in secure managed file transfer.

And if you’d like a copy of Fortra's Phishing Study Report, including broader advice on how to address your cybersecurity challenges – I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy.


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