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Automate File Transfers to Boost Team Efficiency

17 Mar 2024

Dodge the Drudgery – Automate Your File Transfers

Manually sending files around your organisation, and to external trading partners, is a tedious and time-consuming aspect of many employee’s lives. 

However, it needn’t be.  You can help your team dodge the drudgery via file transfer automation software.  This software enables your team to program when files should move between internal systems, other team members, or trading partners, and is often used to manage reoccurring or high-volume file transfers.

Your team is freed up to focus on other business-critical tasks.

Read on to find out how…

The Leading Solution

GoAnywhere MFT is the world’s leading secure FTP (SFTP) file transfer automation software.  It enables users to quickly automate file transfers and schedule workflows, using its built-in scheduler or your existing scheduler software.

Within GoAnywhere's browser-based administrator, users can also automate their workflows by executing projects with a single click.

GoAnywhere MFT can execute multiple workflows concurrently, through its job management system. Administrators can define multiple job queues, grouping workflows that share common characteristics or service level agreements. Each job queue can define the priority of their jobs as well as the maximum number of concurrent jobs that can be executed from the queue.

All these job queues can be managed and prioritised through GoAnywhere's Administrator interface.

Built-In Schedulers

With the built-in scheduler you can execute Projects (workflows) at future dates and times. Projects can run just once, or with any recurring frequency you choose.

You can also define custom calendars with specific holidays or dates that are important to your organisation, or to avoid scheduling a job on a specific day.  Schedules can be further personalised by specifying them to run under specific users, or with start dates, frequencies and other over-riding variables.

You can also indicate the email addresses to be alerted when a Project has completed, or encounters any problem.

Unlimited File Sizes

Large files are no problem for GoAnywhere MFT, or its email add-on GoAnywhere Secure Mail. It enables you to send large files as secure packages on an ad hoc basis, as well as send multiple large files.

Even large files transfers won’t choke... GoAnywhere provides auto-resume and integrity checks to keep big files moving, even when it encounters network connectivity challenges.

Robust Audit Logs and Reporting

Staying compliant with various industry regulations or privacy laws is easier with GoAnywhere MFT.  You can generate comprehensive audit logs of all file transfer and administrator activity, including workflow and file server auditing and administrator logging.

This data is captured for activity in GoAnywhere servers for AS2, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and SFTP, and it includes details on log in attempts, file uploads and downloads, errors, and other events.   

Reports can be quickly generated, viewed, filtered, sorted and exported as needed.

Executing Projects

Workflows can also be automated, executing whenever a file monitor detects new, modified, or deleted files in targeted folders.

Workflows can be called from local and remote command lines, scripts, and programs using the provided commands and APIs. Workflows can additionally be called as Web Services using SOAP or REST requests. To execute Workflows based on user activity, triggers can monitor for events like when a file is uploaded or downloaded.

Workflows can be executed in Debug mode, which enables users to interactively execute tasks one step at a time. At each stopping point, the values for the variables can be viewed or changed before the next task is executed.


If you’d like to discuss how your organisation’s file transfers can be automated, adding to your productivity and bottom line, please feel free to contact our Business Manager, Bradley Copson, (mail to: He’ll be more than happy to offer you an obligation-free discussion, no-cost trial, or Proof of Concept.

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