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Experts Again Declare GoAnywhere “Top MFT”

23 Apr 2024

Respected independent tech analysts Info-Tech have compared Managed File Transfer solutions and once again declared GoAnywhere MFT to be the best.

Their latest finding is consistent with their 2022 analysis of the most popular MFT software solutions and vendors.  Taking into account vendor experience and capabilities, product features and customer satisfaction, they found then – as now – that GoAnywhere MFT was the 2024 Data Quadrant Gold Medallist.

Info-Tech’s data was sourced from real end users, meticulously verified for veracity, and exhaustively analysed.  Each product was compared and contrasted with all other products in the category to create a holistic, unbiased view of the product landscape.

Besides achieving the highest overall score in the MFT category, GoAnywhere also ranked highest for Vendor Capability Satisfaction, including the key dimensions of:

·        “Business Value Created”

·        “Breadth of Features”

·        “Quality of Features”

·        “Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement”

·        “Useability and Intuitiveness”

·        “Vendor Support”

·        “Ease of Data Integration”

·        “Ease of Customisation”

·        “Availability and Quality of Training”, and

·        “Ease of Implementation”

Market Leader – for a reason

GoAnywhere MFT's combination of versatility, security, ease of use, and budget-friendliness has propelled it to the top of the MFT market, as recognised by Info-Tech. For businesses on the quest for a comprehensive and reliable file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT is the smart and strategic choice.

Grab Your Free Copy of the Independent Report

To read more about why experts and customers alike consider GoAnywhere MFT to be the leading Managed File Transfer solution, let us know your email address via this link, and we’ll happily send you a complimentary copy Info-Tech’s report.

Experience GoAnywhere MFT for yourself

Generic Systems Australia is the Asia-Pacific region’s leading provider of secure MFT solutions. If you’d like to explore how your organisations’ efficiency and bottom line could be boosted through MFT technology, please get in touch with our Business Manager, Bradley Copson, for an obligation-free discussion.

At Generic Systems Australia, we’re your local experts in managed file transfer.

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