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GoAnywhere's Cloud Connectors

17 Mar 2024

Seamlessly integrate GoAnywhere with External Services via Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors enable you to easily and securely transfer files between your organisation and external cloud services and applications.

Also referred to as “cloud integrations”, Cloud Connectors offer out-of-the-box connectors for GoAnywhere to popular services including Salesforce, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Box, and Dropbox.

For example:

Let’s say one of your trading partners requests an important file and wants you to share it via a folder in Dropbox. Or perhaps you have contacts or billing information you want to update automatically in Salesforce.  Cloud Connectors enable you to easily do so.

Broad Range

Cloud Connectors are easily downloaded from GoAnywhere MFT’s integrated Marketplace, which features Connectors for the most commonly used cloud services.

These include:

•             Alibaba Object Storage Service

•             Amazon Cloud Trail, CloudWatch, EC2, Lambda, SNS, and SQS

•             Atlassian JIRA

•             Automate Plus

•             Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 (superseded by Gen2) and Storage Queue

•             Box

•             Citrix ShareFile

•             Dropbox

•             Egnyte

•             GateScanner CDR

•             GoAnywhere Command

•             Google Cloud Storage, Drive, and Translate

•             JAMS

•             Jenkins

•             Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, 365 CRM, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online and Sharepoint On-Premise

•             OPSWAT MetaDefender

•             Salesforce

•             ServiceNow

•             SMA OpCon Scheduler

•             SOS Berlin JobScheduler (Online version not supported)

•             Trello

•             Veeva CRM

•             Votiro

•             Webdocs

•             Zendesk (Online version not supported)

Cloud Connectors can integrate with available on-premise and online versions of third-party software unless otherwise noted.

How to Configure Cloud Connectors

Once a Cloud Connector is installed, you can configure the connection properties as a GoAnywhere Resource. With this resource, you only need to specify the connection once before being able to seamlessly reuse it in any of your workflows and cloud file transfers.

A Cloud Connector definition contains the various actions required to communicate with cloud applications. For example:

  • authentication

  • logging

  • file transfer

  • file management and

  • error handling.

In GoAnywhere, these actions appear as elements located under the Cloud Connector in the GoAnywhere Project Designer. Elements can be incorporated into your workflows alongside other project tasks, and processes can even be automated between multiple web and cloud services at once.

New GoAnywhere connectors can be downloaded without needing to update the software.

No Connector? No problem!

While GoAnywhere Marketplace contains a broad array of Cloud Connectors, you may also want to connect to a unique external service.

Custom connectors are the answer! 

At Generic Systems Australia, we can design and develop Custom Connectors for you, using GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Designer.


If you’d like to discuss how your organisation’s file transfers to external cloud providers can be made more efficient and secure, please feel to contact our Business Manager, Bradley Copson (mail to: ).

He’s always happy to have an obligation-free discussion, explain how simply we can transition you from outdated software and approaches, and offer you a zero-cost Proof of Concept.

Generic Systems Australia

Your Local Experts in Managed File Transfer


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