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Moving on from MOVEit

20 Oct 2023

Your Choice of MFT Matters

Many organisations across the Asia-Pacific region are replacing their outdated MOVEit-based Managed File Transfer (MFT) systems with Forta’s advanced GoAnywhere suite.

In this article, I’ll explain why.

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a file transfer solution… from free, unsecure methods to the fully-featured marketplace leader.

But as cybercrime has continued to surge, companies have increasingly realised how essential it’s become to secure their data transfers, maintaining a ‘circle of trust’ with their customers and supply chains.

Additionally, companies have been searching for ways to boost their bottom lines through greater efficiency.  The true cost – in terms of lost productivity - of outdated manual file transfer approaches has come into sharper focus. 

Business leaders are realising that their MFT solutions, which may have once met historic needs, are no longer enough.

Superior Security

Recent cybersecurity incursions make “Robust Security” top of mind for those seeking a better MFT solution.

GoAnywhere MFT takes all aspects of data security seriously, protecting your sensitive data both “in motion” and “at rest”.

Maintaining GoAnywhere’s security and compliance product leadership is a primary focus for its development team, who stay across the latest security standards to ensure up-to-date compliance with regulations, frameworks, and standards.

Beyond Windows

Organisations managing multiple operating systems soon encounter the constraints of MOVEit’s Windows-only solution.

GoAnywhere flexibly supports any protocol, any platform, and any deployment, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Linux, and more.

The Need for Speed

Included in GoAnywhere is GoFast, a file transfer acceleration protocol which can transmit data considerably faster than traditional FTP.

The patented technology in GoFast takes the best of UDP’s speed and adds reliability and rate control, providing GoAnywhere with speed MOVEit can’t match.

Drag & Drop Workflows

Scripting – as required by MOVEit for some tasks - is clunky, time consuming and confusing for non-expert users.

Through its breadth of Automated Workflows capabilities, GoAnywhere enables end users to quickly and easily build workflows. Manual and automated tasks can even be combined into one master workflow.

Further, GoAnywhere provides easy reporting on partner Service Level Agreements, alerting you to any workflow issues before your trading partners do.

Easy Centralised Control

MOVEit requires you to install two products (MOVEit Automation and MOVEit Transfer) to enable full MFT functionality.

Most users prefer GoAnywhere’s centralised, browser-based dashboard - an intuitive “one stop shop” for managing file transfers. 

Advanced Auditability

GoAnywhere not only moves and shares data securely, it also provides full auditability of transfers.

Logging full audit trails of all user events and file activity, it can also generate reports of file transfer activity, user statistics, and completed jobs – all from within its central management console.

  • Beyond the advantages above, former MOVEit users are often delighted to discover GoAnywhere’s advanced capabilities in:

  • High availability and clustering, providing true active-active support and load balancing to distribute workloads across multiple systems;

    Remote agents - lightweight applications managed through the GoAnywhere interface which enable configuring and scheduling of file transfers throughout an enterprise; and

  • Secure Forms - customised forms or files that which contain data other tasks can automatically process.

Want to see a Better MFT in Action?

If you’d like to discuss how GoAnywhere could help boost organisations’ security, efficiency and bottom line, please feel free to contact me ( for an obligation-free discussion.


Bradley Copson

Business Manager

Generic Systems Australia

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