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Secure Your Email with these 6 Steps

16 Apr 2024

Secure Your Email in 6 Steps

Email continues to be the world’s most frequently-used tool for collaboration.

In fact, research group Radicati predict 376 billion emails will be sent by 4.5 billion users by the end of next year.  

Email’s enduring popularity makes it a prime target for cyber criminals. Phishing attacks, spam, and viruses, as well as compromised business emails being used as a gateway to other forms of data loss, can turn email from a collaboration tool into a weapon used against you. 

Balancing risk vs restraint

With so much at stake, IT teams need to carefully balance the minimisation of email risks against the potential for placing draconian restraints on their organisation’s ability to efficiently conduct business.

Secure Email Gateways –– such as the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway –– help organisations achieve the right balance for them, enforcing protective email policies without overburdening IT departments, email administrators and messaging teams.

Handle with Care

Email attachments continue to be a particular risk, and so, managing their transmission warrants particular care.

A secure alternative to emailing files, such as the Secure Mail module in GoAnywhere MFT, enables employees to easily send files to other individuals via a secure link with a specific expiry date.  Because it is much more secure than traditional email, Secure Mail doesn’t limit the size or types of files being transmitted –– a drawback of many email clients such as Outlook and Gmail.

6 Steps to Secure Email

From our many years of helping organisations protect their valuable data, we recommend IT teams define robust email security policies and determine what’s required from their email security defence, by following these six easy steps: 

1. Define which data needs to be protected

2. Be clear about the dangers

3. Establish a robust and sustainable email security policy

4. Close the zero-day window

5. Encrypt sensitive data

6. Monitor behaviour and performance


If you’d like to discuss how your organisation’s email can be made more secure –– without impeding your team’s efficiency ––please feel free to contact me, Bradley Copson (mail to:

I’m always happy to have an obligation-free discussion, explain how we can transition you from your existing approaches hassle-free, and offer you a zero-cost Proof of Concept.

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