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Tame the File Transfer Time Sink

23 Oct 2023

When asked “How could you get more done at work?”, most people are quick to respond: “Fewer meetings, please!”

However, research has revealed that other hidden time sinks may be an even greater drain on our personal productivity.

For example: the amount of time lost while team members manually share files and data between themselves.

A recent report found that a typical desk worker now uses 11 different applications to complete their tasks. during the course of their working day. According to research by Productiv, most company departments use between 40 and 60 different applications. Company-wide, that number sprawls to more than 200 apps.

IT tools are designed to enhance our collaboration and productivity. But when different parts of a business adopt different tools, with different file formats, it opens up a black hole of time-wasting file translation and transference across the entire organisation.

So, how can we help our employees spend more time productively contributing to the organisation, and less time on the drudge work of wrangling files…?

Ideally, we can work to rein in the proliferation of apps across our organisations, standardising on a common set of enterprise IT tools.  But that can be easier said than done.  It takes time – and even some business risk – to wean teams off their familiar tools and train them on new ones.

Until then, a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution can help.

With GoAnywhere MFT, data can be translated to and from a variety of widely-used formats without having to write cumbersome scripts or programs. Its comprehensive Extract, Transform, and Load features enable data values to be mapped, formatted and modified between source and target files automatically.

Even better, GoAnywhere's secure collaboration features make connecting and sharing between employees easier and faster - even when they’re mobile. Features include an intuitive browser-based web client for performing ad-hoc file transfers, enterprise file sync and sharing using GoDrive, and a handy mobile application for moving files quickly while on-the-go.

The benefits of using an advanced MFT like GoAnywhere continue well beyond the point where your team has happily standardised on common enterprise tools.  The same flexibility and automations that enabled your team to eliminate their internal productivity time sink are just as useful in improving your interactions with customers and supply chain partners.

Time to Tame This Time Sink?

If you’d like to discuss how GoAnywhere MFT could help boost your organisation’s productivity and bottom line, please feel free to contact me ( for an obligation-free discussion, or read more at Generic Systems Australia.

Bradley Copson

Business Manager

Generic Systems Australia


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