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Sound Advice on Choosing a New MFT

7 May 2024

Tech Wire Asia, an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology across the Asia-Pacific region, offers sound advice to help companies choose a new Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution.

The Shadow of Clop

Tech Wire Asia issued their advice in the wake of attacks last year by Clop, a notorious ransomware group, on the online file transfer tool MOVEit. PWC’s Australian unit, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad and Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad in Malaysia were among APAC region victims of Clop’s attacks.

While Tech Wire Asia said it did not “insinuate an everlasting vulnerability in MOVEit or imply that its usage should be permanently discontinued”, it noted that it had received “a wave of enquiries from current and prospective customers about the continued safety of using MOVEit” in the wake of the attack. 

In response, the website offered this advice for those wishing to move on from MOVEit.

Crucial Considerations

Tech Wire Asia said the crucial consideration in choosing the best file transfer software is finding an MFT solution that is simple, capable of encrypting sensitive data, can automate transfers, meets compliance regulations, and operates seamlessly across various platforms.

It noted that there are many aspects and features to consider while choosing MFT software, including:

  • Average daily file transfer volume;

  • Regulatory obligations;

  • Industry-specific needs; and

  • Budget.

Other vital features could include:

  • Advanced auditing and tracking abilities;

  • Clustering functionality;

  • Cloud integrations;

  • Capability to translate EDI files; and

  • Availability of remote agents.

The website recommended that selecting the appropriate MFT solution should be driven by a company’s specific requirements. 

GoAnywhere MFT highly-regarded

In its review of contenders to replace MOVEit, Tech Wire Asia described GoAnywhere MFT as “a sophisticated enterprise solution for transfers and file management”, saying that the product “excels at securing file transfers across multiple platforms, protocols, and encryption standards”.

The website noted that GoAnywhere is designed for SMEs and Enterprises, and is deployable on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid environments, enabling secure data exchange between organisations, employees, customers, and trading partners.

In the capacity of enterprise-secure file transfer software, GoAnywhere shields data, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Its integration prowess also extends to applications like Salesforce and SharePoint.

Try Before You Buy

In conclusion, Tech Wire Asia “highly recommended” that customers moving on from MOVEit take advantage of a free trial of new MFT software.


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