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MFT Local Buyer's Guide

Ask the right questions, and consider the key issues, to identify the right Managed File Transfer solution for your organisation.

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Independent Info-Tech 
MFT Quadrant Report (2024) 

Once again, respected tech analysts Info-Tech have evaluated the most popular MFT software and vendors, and found that GoAnywhere is the top MFT solution. Here’s their 2024 independent report. 

2024 Cybersecurity Insiders Survey

Fortra's "2024 State of Cybersecurity Survey" shares the invaluable insights of more than 400 cybersecurity professionals from across the globe, including many in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. 

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Best Practices for Cloud MFT

Most modern organisations rely to an extent on the Cloud as they transfer files between employees, trading partners, and customers. Here are best practices for safeguarding your data on its way to, from and in, the Cloud.

Meeting CDR Requirements

Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) requires businesses to carefully plan how they handle, store and disclose the consumer data they collect. This primer explains your obligations, the breaches that can occur, and a strategy to avoid them.

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Secure Your Cloud Data with MFT

How a robust Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution helps protect your data transfers – in transit and at rest – without compromising the convenience or cost-effectiveness of moving your business to a cloud-based environment.

Why Automating Encryption and Decryption Makes Good Cybersecurity Sense

How does encryption and decryption work? 
This handy primer explains.

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Think Like a Hacker

To win the fight against cybercriminals, it helps to think like a hacker.

GoAnywhere Product Datasheet

GoAnywhere MFT is the world’s leading Managed File Transfer solution. This datasheet summarises its key technical features. 

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Advanced Threat Protection
Product Datasheet

GoAnywhere MFT is the world’s leading Managed File Transfer solution. This datasheet summarises its key technical features. 

GoAnywhere Gateway  Product Datasheet

GoAnywhere Gateway provides an additional layer of security when exchanging data with your trading partners, enabling you to keep file sharing services and documents safely in your private/internal network.

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GA Modules for Licencing Product Datasheet

GoAnywhere is a robust and complete managed file transfer solution. Modules are available that can satisfy a wide array of file transfer requirements –– you can choose to license only the modules you currently need, and easily unlock additional modules if necessary.

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'An Introduction to GoAnywhere'

In this brief video, our Business Manager Bradley Copson overviews GoAnywhere's key features and benefits.

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'Secure MFT Threat Protection Bundle' (video) 

Our Secure MFT Threat Protection Bundle can automatically catch and kill email threats before they enter or leave your organisation. This brief video shows how.

Independent Info-Tech 
MFT Quadrant Report (2022) 

Respected tech analysts Info-Tech evaluated the most popular MFT software and vendors.

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